The Aviva Development Zone platform contains a database of over 10,000 multiple-choice questions and over 275 business skills assessments. In addition to the learning material, gap analysis assessments and diagnostics ensure you get all the results and information you require.


Questions by Email


Do you find it hard to make the time to log in? Our unique 'questions by email' service sends regular questions to learners via email, to help assess knowledge without having to log into the platform. The answers submitted via the email browser are logged on the system without having to leave the email.



Monthly Assessments


A monthly gap analysis assessment can be emailed to learners and is a great way to continue general assessments over the month without having to keep logging into the system.


Monthly assessments are ideally suited to field staff or employees who struggle to log into the platform on a regular basis.


Benchmark reporting


The platform can compare assessment scores against all other users (anonymously of course!), allowing learners to benchmark their knowledge against an average and compare results with the rest of your firm, too.


Gap Analysis


Gap Analysis assessments help learners identify the knowledge gaps before learning commences.


Our assessment led model quickly identifies learning needs and risks. Supervisors can interrogate assessment results, identify training needs and make more informed decision.


Risk Management


How do you know what the risks to your business are if you don’t know where to find the gaps?


The Aviva Development Zone interrogates and stores every answer and every attempt at a gap analysis. This means that you can look at results at any time in the future to see how you or a member of staff answered a set question.


Customised Assessments


Customise your assessments to suit your business needs. Create a complete custom course, bringing together your own assessments and learning material in the standard easy-to-use Aviva Development Zone presentation style.


Test your staff in certain areas, such as claims or underwriting – create new tests or tailor existing ones to suit these requirements.


New starters or interviewing candidates? The custom content tool can be used to create the tests needed to ensure they have the required knowledge for their roles.