The Aviva Development Zone contains a database of hundreds of insurance related and business skills courses for insurance professionals of all levels. Our content catalogue is constantly being curated and expanded, with content developed by a talented panel of subject specialists.


Large library of learning material


Learners have full access to an extensive library of learning modules, library content, videos, white papers and assessments, supported by over 10,000 multiple choice questions. Our courses cover a wealth of insurance related material, from claims to underwriting, to delivering good customer service.


Induction pathway


New starter? Our Induction pathway makes it easier for you to know what learning needs to be covered. Our induction pathway consists of 32 online courses specifically designed to help those new to the insurance industry or those looking to refresh their basic knowledge and understanding of insurance and the broking world.  


Business skills


We recognise that as well as learning about insurance related products, our learners need business skills to be fully competent in their role. We have combined hundreds of business skills courses into our catalogue so that our learners can develop and grow. Our business skills courses include health and safety, HR, personal development and sales.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD)


The Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) requires all those who sell, advise or transact in insurance and those who administer or perform contracts relating to insurance to evidence CPD. In response to the new directive, the Aviva Development Zone has created an IDD Pathway to meet the new CPD requirements.


The IDD pathway covers the eight key criteria with regards to T&C obligations, including claims, complaints, assessing customer need and business ethical standards. Our CPD recording tool allows learners to evidence progress by keeping CPD records in one central location.


Learning plans



The Aviva Development Zone’s training and competence search function, The T&C Wizard, enables learners to quickly locate courses that are relevant to their job role.


The platform creates a personal T&C plan with all the technical courses that the learner should require for their role. Individuals can then add or remove courses as they see fit. Supervisors can also set-up teams and business units and allocate learning to their employees.


Supervisor Training



As well as fundamentals of insurance, we also have courses on more complex technical content and have built a library of leadership material designed to help you ensure that you have the tools and knowledge to help you grow your business and motivate your employees to succeed.


Our Supervisor pathway meets the needs of insurance broking firms and helps you understand the FCA's objectives around training and competence.


Custom content


 Do you require a course specific to your business’ needs?

The Aviva Development Zone gives supervisors the tools to build their own custom learning content and add it to their course library. Supervisors can allocate the courses to learners and monitor individual progress using the platform’s supervisory toolkit.