The Aviva Development Zone is designed to provide assessment and learning for everyone, regardless of their levels of competence and knowledge about the insurance industry.




The Aviva Development Zone contains 32 online courses in the Induction Pathway, all designed to help those new to the industry or those looking to refresh their basic knowledge and their understanding of insurance and the broking world.


Understanding the customer


 All firms must be able to consistently show that fair treatment of customers is at the heart of their business. The Aviva Development Zone contains courses on 'FCA Regulations TCF', 'Understanding Customer Needs' and a 'Vulnerable Customers Pathway', all of which will help meet regulatory requirements.


Financial Crime


Our catalogue includes courses on fraud, data protection and whistleblowing as well as anti-bribery and corruption, all designed to enhance the skills and understanding of learners across this business-critical topic.


General Insurance Regulation



The Aviva Development Zone provides a comprehensive selection of general insurance courses covering topics such as the FCA, professional duties and consumer credit. Courses also cover the eight competencies that are required by the IDD, including the insurance market, complaints, claims and financial competency.


Supervisor settings and reports



Every firm signing up to the system is given an administrator account for a supervisor who will receive a higher level of detail than a standard user.


Supervisors can obtain reports on employee activity and competence at the click of a button, or they can tell the system how often they want to receive reports in their email inbox.


Supervisor Online Training is included as standard; there are no added costs.


Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD)


The FCA has listed eight key criteria with regards to your T&C obligations and the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD). The directive affects all those who sell, advise or transact in insurance. It also extends to those who administer or perform contracts relating to insurance. It is the responsibility of each firm to ensure staff are adequately trained on their associated in-house policies and procedures, along with legislative or regulatory requirements. The Aviva Development Zone has considered the requirements and courses each firm will need and formed a specific IDD pathway containing all of the applicable learning material.