Reporting on progress shouldn’t be difficult or onerous, whatever your role in the firm. That's why we have developed a comprehensive suite of core reports, which provide learners with access to most of their information in just a single click, tap or swipe.


Benchmark reports


This extremely useful tool helps show learners if their knowledge is above or below average and compares results with the rest of the firm, too.


Firm reports show how both the business and individual staff compare to other platform users by displaying scores against the averages on the system. This allows firms to understand where business risks may lie and how you stand up to the competition.




The Reports Dashboard and Team Management screens allow managers to easily monitor the learners they are responsible for. Numerous reports can be generated via the Reports Dashboard and Team Management sections, such as CPD and training records. Supervisors also have access to organisation level activity and benchmark information, and can download CSV data files or PDF reports as required.



Manager functions


To successfully manage a team of learners, it is essential to be able to see their progress. The Supervisor Reports available via the Reports dashboard and Team Management screens give managers the ability to see the full picture for the learners they manage. Supervisors can manually obtain reports on employee activity, or they can tell the system how often they want to receive reports in their email inbox.


CPD reports


The IDD requires evidence of at least 15 hours CPD per applicable member of staff, per annum. Using the Aviva Development Zone online platform allows you to accurately record how long you are spending on your professional development. CPD reports can be downloaded and printed with ease and badges and certificates can be awarded as evidence.


You can also add CPD records from other offline activities and even upload files for safekeeping, helping to meet the requirements of the IDD.





The Team Management screen makes it easy for supervisors to see the progress their team is making. An organisation chart displays teams and supervisors in a clear format, which is vital for managing both team and individual learning plans and activity.