While learning can be its own reward, we believe that learners deserve to have their achievements recognised, which is why the Aviva Development Zone awards online badges and certificates following successful course completions.


Achievement Wall


Learners can keep a record of achievements on the Aviva Development Zone in one place, and easily share them with colleagues or via social media.


Reward and recognition


The Aviva Development Zone issues badges to reward staff for successfully completing courses. Each badge is valid for twelve months, which prompts learners to revisit core topics on an annual basis and maintain the desired level of knowledge.


Training record


The platform’s training record is a single portable document that combines a learner’s activity history, achievements (badges) and CPD records and is automatically created by the Aviva Development Zone. This can be filtered by calendar year and is available to individuals and supervisors. It is great for appraisals or to support CVs.




A digital badge is an online representation of a skill you’ve earned. Open Badges take that concept one step further, and allows you to verify your skills, interests and achievements through credible organisations.


Badges are a great way to evidence your CPD. Display your badges wherever you want them on the web, and share them for employment, education or lifelong learning.


Badge creator


Create custom badges using our Aviva Development Zone Badge Designer. This easy-to-use feature is ideal for applying bespoke branding to Aviva Development Zone achievements without the need to use any special artwork or graphic editing skills.




Many learners like to build a record of their achievements and store certificates as evidence of assessment results. The Aviva Development Zone allows you to do this at any time, with certificates being automatically created for every completed assessment, which are then available for download or to be stored on your achievement wall.