Our Customers



"I started at Bartlett last month and as part of my induction I was asked to complete a number of Aviva Development Zone courses to prove my competency in compliance and commercial insurance. I found the courses very informative and easy to use; and it's helpful that they are now stored as a permanent CPD record."


- Stevan Rivera, Cert CII

Bartlett Insurance Brokers



"The courses I have done on the Aviva Development Zone have helped me in my day to day job role and will hopefully help me progress in my career at Lloyd Latchford Insurance."


- Scott Leak

Lloyd Latchford



"I enjoyed completing the Supervisor Course Online training, it has provided me with the tools for self-development in my role and ideas for improvements in my department."


- Kay Godwin, Cert CII

MyPolicy Ltd



"The Training on the Aviva Development Zone has been a great way to support my education about insurance and how it relates to my industry. The site is easy to use and each section provides a comprehensive insight into the subject area. It’s perfect for CPD in easy to manage slices."


– Kerry McSweeney

American Institute For Foreign Study



“The Aviva Development Zone online training is very convenient as we are able to decide when we want to do the training and how much to do each time. My Director has set-up an in house calendar alert as a gentle reminder to log-in and do some training and it seems to be working very well. The questions open up debates in the office (albeit sometimes heated!), which works as an additional learning curve.”


– Priti Shah

Oakwood Insurances Ltd



"As part of my New Entrant induction I completed a schedule of Aviva Development Zone Study Modules. This is the first time I’ve used the Aviva Development Zone site and I found it easy to learn and navigate. The study notes were helpful and raised my level of insurance understanding, although the ‘end of study’ test questions sometimes required detailed knowledge. I am confident that Kerr Group’s programme of further Aviva Development Zone Study Modules further will increase my competence and would be happy to recommend this study facility.”


- Erica McVeigh

Kerr Group



"Having access to the Aviva Development Zone means that I can ensure that my CPD is maintained and using the Training & Competence wizard also means that the courses studied are relevant to my role and at a pace that suits me. Plus, all of this can be easily evidenced if required."


- Tony Lionnet

James Hallam Insurance Brokers